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“With the help of the COSE Energy Team, we were able to determine that switching our warehouse lighting to more energy efficient LEDs was the correct choice for Medical Service Company’s main warehouse in Oakwood Village, Ohio.  After receiving proposals from three different companies, we opted to select Energy Focus, Inc. (EFI) as our supplier of LED tubes, fixtures, and motion sensors.  Working with EFI, they worked to educate us on why LEDs made the most sense for us.  It was a combination of the quality of the light, the brightness, and expected burn time that made EFI’s product a no-brainer. 

The installation team acted in a very professional manner during the installation by making sure they weren’t interrupting our own team’s tasks throughout the day.  They completed the install and recycled the our old lights and fixtures for us.  They cleaned up and finished ahead of schedule which was greatly appreciated.  It was also recommended that we use motion sensors for our indoor loading dock area of the warehouse, which does not have frequent foot/truck traffic throughout the day.  

I have received countless compliments, thanks, and gratitude from our warehouse staff and delivery team that spends their day in the warehouse.  They love the brightness of the lights and the fact that the LED fixtures create no white noise/humming sound that was a byproduct of our old 450 watt metal halide fixtures that we replaced.  

Aside from all of the positives about LEDs mentioned above, the expected payback for this project is about 2.3 years.  Since the completion of the project, we have exceeded the estimated energy savings!  This doesn’t include any savings related to annual maintenance costs we would have had to incur due to the shorter burn time of our old metal halides.  In addition, the COSE Energy Team was able to procure an additional rebate for us that should shorten our payback period even more!”

Seth Weinstein, CPA, Business Analyst, Medical Services Company