Month in Review: May 2019

From uncovering the advantages of being an early saver, to discovering how to have a well-rounded data science team, May was an informative month on Mind Your Business. Take a look.

We featured a lot of important information on the blog during the month of May. Here are some of our favorite articles—do any of these make your list?

3 Steps Employers Must Take When Engaging in the Interactive ADA Process
How solid is your understanding of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)? As a business owner, it is crucial that you know how to proceed when it’s time to engage in the ADA process. Specifically, here are three key recommendations from our legal experts when it comes to responding to requests for extended leave. Follow these steps to help your business avoid unnecessary legal proceedings and costs.

What Makes a Well-Rounded Data Science Team?
From the Machine Learning Scientist to the Data Engineer to the Engagement Leader, in the second part of this two-part series, we are taking a deep dive into the roles you need to fill to create a perfect data science team at your company.

RELATED: Data science is a team sport.

The Advantages of Saving Sooner
There are people who have plans in place for saving early in their careers, and there are people who are a little later to the game. Where do you fall? Check out this tale of two savings strategies and their radically different outcomes.

The 5 Skills All Successful Entrepreneurs Share
Connecting the dots, questioning everything—finding success as an entrepreneur doesn’t happen by accident. And these are just two of the standout skills that all successful entrepreneurs tend to have in common. Are you proficient in these five areas?  

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  • Next up: Month in Review: November 2018

    Month in Review: November 2018

    From putting the building blocks of a content marketing strategy in place to dealing with workplace threats, we are recapping some of our favorite stories on the blog in November.

    We are always thankful for our Mind Your Business contributors, but this month we are especially grateful for their commitment. Here are some of our favorite stories that hit the blog in November.

    Business Growth Boot Camp recap

    During a recent COSE Business Growth Boot Camp, BoxCast VP of Marketing Sam Brenner laid out the blueprint of how his company leveraged its content marketing strategy to grow its business.

    New cyberthreat facing businesses

    Hackers are changing their tactics these days to invade companies. Cybersecurity expert John Carlin cast a spotlight on these new and more sophisticated approaches during the recent BusinessTECH 2018 conference. Check out the recap of this keynote address.

    Are your one-on-ones working?

    Management-staff one-on-one meetings are probably a regular occurrence at your company. But how effective are they and does anyone actually enjoy them? Learn how to make one-on-ones work for you.

    Dealing with workplace threats

    Last month we took a look at 36 warning signs of potential workplace violence. This month we took a deep dive into how to go about handling those situations and next steps to take if you do see a warning sign with one of your employees. Help keep your company safe by following these tips.

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  • Next up: Month in Review: October 2018

    Month in Review: October 2018

    From cashing in your rebate checks to an easy way to improve your professional appearance, a variety of topics were covered on Mind Your Business in October.

    Falling leaves, pumpkin spice and Mind Your Business. Take a look at the following selection of subjects discussed on the blog so far this fall.

    Megan Kim to lead COSE

    The Greater Cleveland Partnership has named Megan Kim as the executive director of its small business program, the Council of Smaller Enterprises. Click here to learn more about Megan.

    Cash in your BWC rebate checks

    More than 5,500 Ohio employers are sitting on $10.8 million in uncashed checks, according to the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. These checks were distributed this summer as part of a $1.5-billion rebate. If you received one of these rebate checks but haven’t gotten around to cashing it, you better hurry—they have a 90-day life and began expiring Oct. 3.

    Mediate, arbitrate, litigate?

    Should you negotiate means for Alternative Dispute Resolution into your next business contract? Take a deeper look into ADR clauses, including the objectives and benefits to mediation, and when to avoid it.

    Are you listening?

    Our collective listening skills have taken a hit lately, thanks to all the modern, technological distractions that surround us. Turn on your listening ears (and easily improve your professional appearance) by following these steps.

    Chairman’s Forum recap

    There are nine critical issues impacting Northeast Ohio businesses today. Check out a recap of these big issues as discussed at the latest edition of the GCP Chairman’s Forum, featuring GCP Chairman Scott Chaikin and GCP CEO Joe Roman.

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  • Next up: Month in Review: September 2018

    Month in Review: September 2018

    From new audit rules to effective social media for small businesses, there were many noteworthy posts on the blog this month. Check out these five articles to know from September.

    We shared a lot of important information on Mind Your Business in September. Be in the know: Read on for a recap of our favorite stories.

    Know the warning signs: 36 signs your workplace could turn violent

    Nothing is more important than keeping yourself and your staff, customers and business safe. In the first of this two-part series we have identified 36 warning signs that a future violent incident could be possible at your workplace. Check back next month when we discuss specific next steps.

    Know the rules: Understanding the new audit rules

    Do you have a partnership or an LLC that is taxed like a partnership? If the answer is yes, don’t wait until tax time—read on now to ensure you have a solid understanding of the new rules governing the auditing of these types of businesses.

    Know the chairman: Notes from “The John Young Coffee Tour”

    Since becoming COSE Board Chair, John Young has made it a priority to sit down with fellow Board members to get their perspective on what COSE's priorities should be and how the organization can continue to be a powerful resource for small businesses. Here's what he's learned from his "John Young Coffee Tour" and how you can lend your insight, too.

    Know where Ohio Stands: What Caused the medical marijuana implementation delay?

    Have you been wondering where we stand with the implementation of Ohio’s medical marijuana program? It’s been over three weeks since the implementation deadline, yet there aren’t any open dispensaries or registered patients. Find out more about the delay and what happens next.

    Know social media: Best practices for small businesses

    Whether it's matching your voice to the channel or crafting an effective call to action, there's a lot to know about building a top-notch social media strategy perfect for your small business. Check out this recap of a recent COSE WebEd Series webinar for tips and tricks to maximizing engagement on your social channels, and scroll to the bottom for the full presentation. Also, be sure to register for next month’s webinar: Cybersecurity - Recent FTC Cases and Guidance on Data Security and Data Breach.

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  • Next up: Month in Review: April 2019

    Month in Review: April 2019

    From how to not be a sell-out while selling to navigating the financial stages of life, check out some of our favorite articles on the blog from April.

    In April, we shared many articles on the blog that focused specifically on protecting yourself and your business. Maintain your positive image, integrity, finances and more with advice from our experts.

    How to not sell yourself out when you’re selling

    You’re trying to land a sale, but that doesn’t have to mean becoming a sell-out. Don’t be a doormat or roll over like a puppy. The customer may not always be right—and there’s no self-esteem in that kind of selling. Keep your integrity in tact with these do’s and don’ts when it comes to selling.

    Navigating the blurred lines between professional and private social media

    Thanks to social media, everyone has a platform to project their thoughts, and people are connected across all aspects of life—from their old college roommate to critical business stakeholders. That means a lot of gray area between being personal and keeping it professional. Learn how to protect your brand’s image when everyone has a stage (and a megaphone).

    Ensuring a drug-free workplace

    Part of keeping your employees and business safe is ensuring people aren’t coming to work under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Here are warning signs to look out for, behaviors to monitor and steps to take to create a drug-free workplace.

    Staying out of trouble with employment eligibility forms

    With more focus than ever being put on immigration and citizenship, there's a renewed emphasis on I-9 compliance. We’ve got information for you about who needs an I-9, acceptable documents, common mistakes, how to correctly complete the forms and next steps. Here's what you need to know to stay on the right side of the law.

    How to securely move through the financial stages of life

    Do you know which financial stage of life you’re in? From your "Foundation Years" to your "Golden Years," it’s a long journey from working life to retirement life. Learn how to make the most out of each stage so that you're in the best financial position you can be when you exit your working life.

    What was your favorite Mind Your Business article from April? Let us know on Twitter!

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  • Next up: Month in Review: February 2019

    Month in Review: February 2019

    From legal issues concerning discrimination to effective employee discipline, we explored many topics in February crucial to your business’ success.

    Just because it was a short month, it doesn’t mean that the blog was short on critical content. Here are four of the most important articles from Mind Your Business in February.

    Boxed: A blueprint for success

    Ecommerce disruptor Boxed has seen a rapid rise to success since its founding just a few short years ago. The company’s CEO and co-founder shares three things you can take from the Boxed growth blueprint and put to use for your own small business.

    Secrets to effective employee discipline

    If you have even one employee then you need to know how to handle HR issues. Before you lose sleep at night worrying about poor employee performance, employee retaliation or other negative behaviors, check out these tools and tips for creating employee discipline policies.

    Deferred compensation: Understanding the options

    Deferred Compensation plans might be just what your business needs to attract, retain and motivate key employees. Get caught up on how these plans work and which type might work best for your company.

    Avoid ADA employment discrimination violations

    It can be difficult for companies to identify and protect disabled workers, which can lead to inadvertent ADA violations. Learn what qualifies as a disability and how your business can remain ADA compliant.

    What was your favorite Mind Your Business article from February? Let us know on Twitter!

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