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If you have workers who spend time offsite, you understand the problems they face trying to access critical customer data when they’re away from their desk. Enterprises must scale up the data resources and capabilities available to non-desk workers. In order to do so, organizations must make their data available to mobile devices which requires thorough evaluation of BYOD (bring your own device) security, data synchronization, and scalability. How does the upcoming class of no-code mobile app development platforms make enterprise data mobility easier? In this workshop, you’ll learn more about this exciting technology and how no-code/low-code development can save time, energy and most importantly, money.

Read on to see how a Cleveland cabinetry business, successfully switched from a paper-based system to a mobile system HERE.

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Adam Ellis, Co-Founder & CEO, Bezlio 

Adam Ellis is the Chief Executive Officer of Bezlio and one of four co-founders. Adam is a lifelong entrepreneur and has extensive ERP and mobile software knowledge through his consulting and management experience. He has a passion for exploring innovative ideas and how they can change the status quo. Connect with Adam on LinkedIn to learn more about his involvement in the ERP space.

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